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E-Type Air Motor Pack, 4-Hole
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  • 1:1 Direct Drive
  • Midwest 4 hole
  • It''''s compatible to NSK EX-203C Air Motor Pack
  • Package includes Air Mortor (NSK P/N: EX-203C), Straight handpiece (NSK P/N: EX-6B) and Contra angle handpiece (NSk P/N: NAC-EC)
  • 6-month Warranty

  • Features
  • Package include Air Motor, Straight Head, Contra Angle and Accessories
  • 20,000 rpm, Midwest type 4 hole
  • Smooth Start-up, Durable, No Vibration and Quiet Operation
  • Generates High Torque throughout the entire speed range
  • NSK E-type Interchangeble
  • It can be connected with various made attachment like KaVo, NSK, W&H and others.
  • Autoclavable

  • Specifications
  • Shank Size: 2.35 mm
  • 22,000 RPM at 36 psi, 25,000 RPM at 43 psi, 27,000 RPM at 57 psi
  • 42 Nl/min Air Consumption at 36 psi, 51 Nl/min Air Consumption at 43 psi, 72 Nl/min Air Consumption

  • Options
  • Spare Parts List
  • 12-month extened warranty plan available with only $45 more
  • Accessory
    Cartridge for Contra AngleH-2010.10.10


    Cartridge for Contra Angle
    Contra Angle HeadH-2010.10.05


    Contra Angle Head
    Contra Angle Head Cap H-2010.10.09


    Contra Angle Head Cap
    Contra Angle Head Cap WrenchH-2010.10.07


    Contra Angle Head Cap Wrench
    Middle GearH-2010.10.04


    Middle Gear
    Oil Spray NozzleH-2010.10.08


    Oil Spray Nozzle
    Water Spray NozzleH-2010.10.06


    Water Spray Nozzle
    Contra AngleH-2010.10.01


    Contra Angle
    $89.00  $45.00 
    (Saved $44.00) 
    QTY   (Only 7 pieces left)
    Low-Speed Air Motor(4 hole)H-2010.10.03


    Low-Speed Air Motor(4 hole)
    Straight HandpieceH-2010.10.02


    Straight Handpiece
    Phillips Head Screws Of Low Speed Motor (3 pcs each set)H-2010.10.30


    Phillips Head Screws Of Low Speed Motor (3 pcs each set)
    call for price! 
    Black O-Ring Of Low Speed Motor (2pcs of each set)H-2010.10.31


    Black O-Ring Of Low Speed Motor (2pcs of each set)
    call for price! 
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