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Master Shut-off and Filter
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  • Complete pack for air or water service
  • Adjustable mini-regulator
  • 10-32 outlet
  • Connects directly to angle stop
  • 0-100 psi Gauge
  • 150 PSI maximum for regulator
  • 40 micron filter element
  • Diaphragm style master shut-off valve
  • Integrated 3/8" compression tube that fits DCI #7100 and # 7099 manual shut-off valve

  • Specifications
  • Working Pressure: 0~125psi
  • Working Temperature:-25°F~180°F
  • Used for Air or Water
  • Drawing and Size

  • Manual
  • Operating Illustration

  • Options
  • Spare Parts List
  • Accessory
    Cap,1 Barb, Master Shut-offV-3000.10.01


    Cap,1 Barb, Master Shut-off
    call for price! 
    Plastic Real Cover, Master Shut-OffV-3000.10.03


    Plastic Real Cover, Master Shut-Off
    call for price! 
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